Streamlined Treatment in the Era of Managed Care: The Fast-Food-for-Thought Therapy Approach

Jane P. Sheldon, Ph.D.

In our hectic, fast-paced world, clients cannot always afford the time it takes for traditional therapy. Additionally, managed care companies have shown a growing reluctance to pay for therapy services that require more than a few sessions of treatment, This has led to the development of a new, time- and cost-effective therapeutic approach, which takes its cue from the fast food industry. The following case study illustrates the effectiveness of this new approach.


Therapist:          Hello, may I help you, sir?

Client:                Umm, yes, I’m here because things aren’t going well with my job and I just don’t know what to do.

Therapist:          What would you like?

Client:                To feel good and be happy in my life, that’s what I’d like. That’s why I’m here.

Therapist:          Would you like a drink?

Client:                Oh, no! Just because my mother was an alcoholic doesn’t mean I’ll be! There’s no way I’ll ever become like her!

Therapist:          Is there something else I can do for you?

Client:                Well, really the reason I’m here is because of my job. I’m just not satisfied at work and I’m constantly anxious.

Therapist:          Chicken?

Client:                A little, I guess. I’m afraid to try things. I guess it’s because I think I’ll fail. And then work piles up and I’m never on top of it. I guess you’d call me a procrastinator. I put off things, then they accumulate and suddenly I’m overwhelmed.

Therapist:          Ketchup?

Client:                Exactly. I’m always behind and never seem to be able to catch up. Now and then I’ll finally get a job done, but for some reason I still can’t relax. I can never let up for a moment.

Therapist:          Super fries, sir?

Client:                Oh, yeah! My supervisor fries my nerves. She’s always breathing down my neck making sure I’m not slacking off. It’s like having my mother around! Hey! I get it! She’s just like my mom! No wonder I always feel so tense and incompetent at work! Wow, Doctor, you’re great! I’ve only been here a few minutes, but I feel so satisfied!

Therapist:          Anything else?

Client:                No, that’s all. Thanks a lot, Doctor.

Therapist:          Thank you. Come again. Have a nice day.


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