Freudulent Encounters for the Jung at Heart

Freudulent Encounters for the Jung at Heart is the third collection of Journal of Polymorphous Perversity® articles.

Freudulent Encounters Cover

The hardcover edition of Freudulent Encounters for the Jung at Heart was published in 1992 by W. W. Norton.


Freudulent Encounters for the Jung at Heart consists of 37 articles drawn from the Journal of Polymorphous Perversity®. (No article by the name “Freudulent Encounters for the Jung at Heart” appears in the book.)

In “Franchising Unorthodox, Eclectic Psychotherapeutic Services: Psychotherapists-R-Us,” the author notes that “Psychotherapists-R-Us staff members conduct treatment from a variety of theoretical and sexual orientations, but the unifying ideology of the centers is unconditional, nonjudgmental acceptance of any major credit card.”

In “A Twelve-Step Program for the Dead,” the author outlines the various stages, starting with Step 1: “Accept the fact that you are dead. Stop fighting it. Remind yourself that death is simply nature’s way of telling you to slow down.”

In “Scholarly Image Enhancement Through a Meaningless Publication,” the author begins: “The purpose of this paper is to enhance my perceived scholarly qualifications by padding my vita and reprint packet with additional, but entirely bogus, published articles (Booth, Mather, & Fuller, 1982). A variety of devices are used to make the paper look like a credible effort, rather than a crass exercise in self-aggrandizement (Freud, 1909; Jackson, Schwab, & Schuler, 1986; Schaller, 1986). For example, the first two sentences of this paragraph contain references. With the exception of the Freud (1908) citation, these references were chosen at random from the bibliography page of a recent introductory psychology text (Baron, 1989), and have nothing to do with the topic of the paper.”

Here are some of the titles appearing in Freuduent Encounters for the Jung at Heart:

  • A Phrenologist’s Guide to Effective Therapeutic Intervention Within the Psychotherapy Setting: The Pipe Method
  • Short-Term Cognitive Therapy for Authors of Rejected Manuscripts
  • Contingencies of Reinforcement in Pizza Parlors and Psychoanalysis: Toward an Application of the Principles of Reward in Overcoming Resistance to Psychoanalytic Treatment
  • “Life to Go”: The Relationship of Country Music to Psychopathology
  • Understanding Your Advisor: A Survivor’s Guide for Beginning Graduate Students
  • Understanding Your Doctoral Dissertation Committee: A Survivor’s Guide for Advanced Graduate Students
  • Borderline [a perfume ad from Calvin Klein]
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