The Road Les Traveled (and Who Is This Guy Les Anyway?)

The Road Les Traveled (and Who Is This Guy Les Anyway?) is the working title for a fifth volume of Journal of Polymorphous Perversity® articles which has not (yet) been published. The articles appearing in this volume are the most recent ones published in the Journal of Polymorphous Perversity®. The manuscript contains 34 articles.

In “A Primer for Psychotherapy Patients,” the reader is guided through the therapy process in a Question and Answer format. Question: “I’m determined to get in-depth, long-term, reconstructive psychoanalytic psychotherapy, but I don’t want to pay a lot of money. What’s the least expensive way to achieve this?”

Answer: “You’d probably expect an answer along the lines of, ‘Many psychoanalytic training institutes have analysts-in-training who can provide perfectly adequate therapeutic services for reduced fees. In fact, these analysts-in-training are supervised by very experienced senior analysts.’ But that’s not the answer you’re going to get here. Has either of your parents ever been in therapy? If so, that’s the answer:  go see his or her prior therapist. After all, if he or she has already provided the basic info about you, your other parent, and your siblings, and has spent lots of money doing so, look how much time and money you’ve saved by not having to rehash the same old material. You can just jump in and start blaming your parents immediately. (And, if the therapist did not particularly like your parent, there’s an added benefit in that you will start off with automatic empathy from your new therapist!)”

In “Behavioral Disorders of the Scalp,” the author warns that “Any psychostylist will be vulnerable to impulses to rescue clients unless the psychostylist acknowledges that the hairing-impaired suffer from a permanent disability.”

Here are some of the tiles appearing in The Road Les Traveled:

  • A Primer for Psychotherapy Patients
  • “The Doctor Is On” [addressing on-line therapy sessions]
  • Welloft [a spoof on drug companies]
  • Understanding Communication in Managed Care: Therapists Are from Mercury, Case Managers Are from Uranus
  • You Can Bet Your Bottom Line That This Article Will Stir Up a Hornet’s Nest Among Those Clinicians Specializing in Differential Diagnosis: Diagnosis by Cliché
  • Assessment and Treatment of Depression in a Machine: The Case of the Little Engine That Couldn’t
  • A Devilishly Clever Applicant to a Doctoral Program in Clinical Psychology: A Hot Prospect? [see what happens when the Devil applies to a Psychology Ph.D. program]
  • Neuropsychological Impairment Among Marijuana Users Who Have Not Inhaled
  • Adult Pets of Divorced Owners (APDOs): A Three-Stage Conceptualization of the Emotional Effects of Owner Divorce on Pets

The articles listed above have been published in the Journal of Polymorphous Perversity®, but they have not yet appeared in book form.